Welcome to the Pfisterer WrapSite!

Pfisterer provides innovative tensioners for railway overhead lines they are using Wraps to develop cloud data solutions to bring new client benefits and new client services.

  1. Competence training services for client installers via a WrapSite (online course material, exam and competence records). 
  2. Production Wraps record component serial numbers and test certificates.
  3. Installation Wraps demonstrate that the equipment complies with installation requirements.
  4. Installation Wrap uses a QR code reader can scan the delivery box to enter product & serial number information without mistakes. 
  5. Document control for all installation instructions.
  6. Installation Wrap captures GPS position on map.
  7. Retrieve equipment records by scanning QR code attached to equipment.
  8. Periodic Inspection Wraps monitor equipment performance over time.

End users can search online for equipment installers with valid certificate of competence. Pfisterer extends warranty to clients with accurate installation records. New location and search service is offered find equipment by product type, serial number or by position on Map. Results of periodic inspection can be displayed on interactive charts to observe trends. Now equipment manufacturers have a lot more to offer that the sale of the equipment itself.

What is ExcelWraps?

ExcelWraps is a paperless on-line data solution that any Excel user can harness to replace paper forms with enterprise wide web data applications. Ideal for task management, workflow, incident reporting, safety assessments, compliance, site inspections, supply line management, audits, inventory processing… etc.


Paperless Joy

We offer a future with no paperwork, no lost forms, no undecipherable scribbles, no unidentifiable signatures, no photocopying, no duplicate errors, no filing and immediate access to the data you have collected.

Wrap Benefits

Increased productivity, better access to business information, increased competitiveness, increased profitability, increased quality, increased traceability, improved supply chain responsiveness and increased customer satisfaction.